Pulpmill Service Inc. fabricates equipment in accordance with ASME Section IX. Pulpmill Service Inc. is committed to providing a product conforming to the highest level of quality specified by our customers.  This policy is implemented by rigid adherence to an approved and documented quality control system which is overseen by PSI’s quality management team.  Quality control administration is completely independent of production expectations.

Proper order entry, engineering design, material procurement, design information, and inspection test plans are the requisite of quality management and product quality control. All such quality assurance is maintained within our organization and is outlined in our Quality Control manual. In-process inspection with designated “hold” points is begun at the start of fabrication and continues with production through completion. Multiple in-process inspections are performed.  These inspections include verification of material, cutting, forming, dimensional checks, fit-up, layout, machining, and welding. A non-destructive examination is included during fabrication and upon completion.

Pulpmill Services has an AWS Certified Welding Inspector on staff along with certified Level I/II Visual and Penetrant Inspectors.   Final dimensional and visual inspections are performed upon completion of fabrication by Quality Control inspectors.